About KVT.CC

It's no secret you could type 5 letters in your address bar and find a URL shortener 4 out of 5 times by pure accident. There's tons of these things choking the internet. So what makes KVT.CC different?

First, I coded it in about 30 minutes. I've spent more time on the CSS for these pages than any other part of the site. Looking for robust features and detailed analytics? Take a hike! Or check out one of the real services like bit.ly or tinyurl.

Second, this URL shortener is guaranteed Eco-devastating. The servers running KVT.CC are powered by diesel generators, chugging through 30 gallons of petrol a day and contributing 4 metric tons of CO2 to our atmosphere a month.

Finally, it's kinda like my name, George Kovvats. Also, I was a Charles in Charge fanatic growing up, making the .cc domain extension an obvious choice.